December 14 horoscope today

December 14th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Sagittarius - Part 1

Put your vision for the future on paper before you do it to teach your mind to be unafraid. Cancer, your love of helping others can make you short on time. Prioritize who you can help in order for there to be a win-win. Sharing resource, learning how to repurpose things can help move your projects forward faster today.

Your Daily Horoscope For December 14, 2018

Virgo, keep the motivation up. While others express visions and dreams you may want to bring things into focus and it can come across as negativity. Inspire by using positive reinforcement instead. Let others see the benefits of checks and balances. Libra, priorities are a must today. To minimize a potential setback on a time sensitive matter, keep your energy where it belongs and strive for completion before the weekend arrives. Scorpio, joy can be found anywhere.

Sagittarius, a work related partnership can form either by shared goals or a realization of like-minded vision. Confidence in business is on the rise. Capricorn, communicate with clear point A to point b plans. There can be the potential for mixed signals if things that need to be written down are left to assumption. Be diligent to communicate in writing, especially when dealing with contracts or matters that are legally important. Aquarius, faith in home and heart can be restored and expanded upon. Little things add up to major blessings today. Your personal treasure chest can be restocked with love and care by the work of your two hands.

Pisces, little things that you do make a big difference even if you don't get to see it. Your presence shines like a light today and it starts with your smile. Follow Us. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a gift of joy that's contagious. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Be the magnification of inner strength and self acceptance today.

The moon is in Pisces today.

Gemini, your guardian angel is here to help guide you and ensure things go your way. Cancer, you're extraordinary. Leo, be an optimistic with an eye on reality. Instead of looking around at what needs to be changed, look for things to enjoy and find the good in.

Your daily horoscope: December 14 - The Globe and Mail

Take time to express joy is a wonderful way to adopt to your new mindset. Information you need arrives this weekend. Humor and compassion will be your strong suite as the real side of a friend shines through bright and clear.

Libra, drop pretenses and be yourself. The freedom to be your is what cultivates true love. Scorpio, be confident about relationships.

Speak from a space called gratitude, and talk from the heart. Sagittarius, what catches your attention? Your thoughts are becoming less foggy and your own wants and needs start to surface again. Something you're didn't expect, such as true love, can come to you soon. Capricorn, talk about your dreams. You have vibrant dreams to gain clarity. A healing in your relationships can help you to gain favor with people who aren't part of your inner tribe.