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Astrology for Beginners - BV Raman

Learn Astrology The Easy Way. Euro 9. Let us Learn Astrology. Ltd, New Delhi. Learn Hindu Astrology Easily. N Rao and K. Choudhry and K. Learn, Think and Predict Through Astrology. Arora Paperback Rupa Publication Pvt. As usual I love your merchandise!!!

Indications of a happy house - Horoscope - Astrology - Kannada Astrology - Ravi Shanker Guruji

You have a fine selection of books on Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. I am so very grateful for the many outstanding and interesting books you have on offer. Appreciate your interest in selling the Vedantic books, including some rare books. The first chapter in the book talks about the requisites of Astrology and the second chapter deals with the creation of a horoscope. The next few chapters reveal the clues that help in assessing one s duration of life and also the time of possible death.

The book also gives tips on how to find out about one s personality, characteristics, mental state, physical wellness, and maladies through astrology. The later chapters in the book talk about the ways of learning about one s academic, financial, and personal life. The book further reveals the influence of kith and kin in one s life, financial liabilities, marital prospects, and circumstantial outcomes, and even provides hourly predictions, while mentioning the transitory periods.

The appendix section mentions the means to establish ayanamsa and bhavas. Anke Jyotish. Rakesh Sashtri. Arjya Bhatiyam Jyotishastram. Arjya Bhatta.

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Ath Jaimani Sutrani Jyotisi. Pandit Hari Prasad. Pandit Magavparsad. Balbodh jyotish sar. Bharatiya Jyotish Jharkhandi Shri Shivnath.. Bharatiya Jyotish Sastra pt. Dikshit, Sankar Balakrishna. Bharatiya Jyotish Shastra. Dikshit, K. Shankar Balkrishn. Bharatiya Jyotishastra me Acharya barahmihir ka Yogdan. Shankar, Girija. Girija Sankar. Bhartiya jyotish hindi samiti granth mala Jharkhandi, Shivanath. Jyotish Shastra - India. Bhartiya Jyotish Chandrodaya Vol -2 Ank Pursottam, Jambusariya.

Bhartiya Jyotish Ka Itihas. Prasad, Gorakh. Gorakh Prasad.


Bhartiya Jyotish Vigyan. Ravindra Kumar Dubey. Bhugol Ebong Jyotish. Bhugol Ebong Jyotish vol.

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Chune Huae Jyotish Yog. Bhasin, Jagnnath. Falit Jyotish.

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Chattopadhyay, Rasikmohan. Falit Jyotish vol.

Nakshatra | 27 Birth Stars in Astrology | Nakshatra Names & Characteristics

Chattopadhyay,Sri Rasik Mohan.. Ganit-Jyotish Ed. Pure Science. Grah gochar jyotisha. Grah gochar satik jyotish grantha. Grahagochar jyotish mulak bhashantar. Grahagochar Jyotish Mulak Bhashantar.. Hast Samudrik Jyotish. Palm Science.

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Hasta sanjivan samuhik laghu jyotishdarpan. Heer kalash jain jyotish. Acharya, Narendradev.

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