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It is beyond words and still potently expressive.

Have fun! Hope you learn something useful! I encourage you to research other systems Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology, etc to see what resonates with you. It is not my intention to limit anyone's understanding or claim superiority of knowledge systems.

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I chose to work with one astrological convention for this project that made sense to me. Thank you for understanding. The paper the cards are printed on is gsm smooth paper, in full color. They come shrink-wrapped in a canvas bag that I printed with a hand-carved linoleum block. The deck has a portrait orientation. Ships in a well sealed bubble-mailer. I cannot foresee any risks associated with this project. The printing company has about a 10 day lead time. And I have never had any problems with previous orders.

The custom options for this have a limited quantity, and I have given myself enough time to complete any of those orders in approximately the time frame that the decks would ship as well. I will pull 1 card from the deck and send it to you in the mail with a personalized note. Please include a mailing address at checkout. This option is for folks who would like to support the project, but are not necessarily currently able or interested in committing to the full 63 card deck.

This option is for folks who want to support the project but are not necessarily able or interested in committing to the entire 63 card deck. Please include a shipping address at checkout. Each card back is an energetic painting featuring the glyph associated with that concept.

The intention behind these customized works of art is to create something that you can use for correspondence work -- to call in the energy, help, support, and universal flow that you are seeking. The paper used is Stonehenge, gsm, 8'x 8'. Will be mailed to you approximately 2 weeks after the campaign ends -- the week of May 20th.

At checkout, please include your address and a note with up to 3 astrological energies -- planets, aspects, archetypes -- that you want embodied in the piece. This option is for folks who want to support the project but are not necessarily able or interested in the full 63 card deck.

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Your birth chart is your first ever selfie. It's more than that though -- it's like a blueprint for the possible paths and shape your life can take. By studying the birth chart we can begin to see aspects of ourselves that are unconscious, or outside of our awareness. When we probe those final frontiers we can become our most whole.

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The report will be sent to you digitally, please include an email address at checkout. You can use this piece as a reference tool for studying astrology in general, or for becoming more familiar with your own chart. An unexpected text message will fill you with excitement. You could be off and driving to some distant area soon, thanks to a surprise invitation from a friend. Travel will be emotionally and spiritually rewarding so why not start planning your next trip now? A partner will reveal aspects of themselves they normally kept well hidden. You are more than prepared to listen.

Conversations could get very interesting and this will do wonders for your relationships as they talk about their secrets. Prepare yourself for some exciting new experiences.

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Intensified communications will have a lot to do with invitations received that need a quick response. A prominent person will admire your ability to act quickly. Ignore any negative comments from a friend. Don't be surprised if you feel suddenly drawn to a more creative field of work. From the moment you start talking to a stranger you will know you've met a kindred spirit.

Give careful thought to what makes you happy. Romance will be fun but don't let this distract you from your aims.


With so much going on, this week, you'd do better to focus your heart on becoming a personal success. Use the competitive atmosphere in the workplace to find out what you are capable of. Don't be surprised if you start planning a holiday.