Emotion driven astrology

You prefer the physical, VS the emotional side, of relationships, frankly. You can be a bit, well, stiff when it comes to your feelings - preferring to keep stuff buttoned up and under control, thank you very much.

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Your natural reserve and caution can make you come off as distant or, maybe, unavailable. Sometimes, this actually makes the pursuers even more ardent.

Personality Traits of a Scorpio

A smile from you is a hard-won token! In relationships, you need an equally ambitious and hard-working partner who takes their duties seriously. Someone with who you can create a luxurious, coveted empire. You like riches.

Each Zodiac Sign's Emotional Personality Type, Per Astrology

You like status. Your emotions are really for Your Eyes Only. Your partner may feel they never truly get to know the real you. Sometimes, real life is too painful and you just need to stay home, get cosy and hibernate until it all goes away. For your own unique and personal tarot forecast, visit Kerry's TarotBella page. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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    Mutable signs in general are associated with Cancer is one of the cardinal signs of the zodiac. Cardinal signs in general are associated with That scorpio can be stubborn, obessive and highly driven in pursuit of ambitions reflect the fixed nature of this sign of the zodiac. Mutable aspects of pisces include tendency to compassion. They can be highly empathetic, that is - aware of the emotions being experienced by another person or animal, even to the point of 'feeling' such emotions with that other.

    In common with other cardinal signs, such as capricorn , cancer 's cardinal characteristics may be seen in his or her striving to achieve ambitions. Looking for more information about Star Signs , Astrology and Horoscopes? The Order of Angels known as the Principalities watches over towns, cities, villages, countries, regions and sacred sites worldwide. Although care has been taken when compiling this page, the information contained might not be completely up to date.

    Accuracy cannot be guaranteed. This material is copyright. See terms of use. IvyRose Holistic Toggle navigation More. More Astrology Astrology What is my star sign? Above: Books from Amazon. Keywords: Words used to describe those born under water signs typically include: Artistic associated with being dreamy and imaginative. Emotional , emotionally sensitive in both positive and negative respects. Fantasy world as they may sometimes seem to disappear into their own 'world' Wavering , sometimes said to be inconsistent. Scorpio Ambitious, highly 'driven' when pursuing goals Creative, especially with use of inutition can be stubborn to the point of obsession with attaining or retaining an objective Loyal , can also include obessive streak - the flip-side being possible jealousy Pisces Affectionate nature Compassionate, even empathetic Imaginative Romance Shyness 'Dreamy' tendencies Cancer Ambitious , successful in chosen field of expertise or employment Articulate including expression of emotions Homeloving, e.

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