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The key days in May, as far as Capricorn love horoscope is concerned, are May 1 st , May 3 rd , and May 22 nd , Some really big and important events are about to take place in the romance department that will completely change your life. The same with moving in together to your first apartment or with getting pregnant. Whatever it is, it will not come as a surprise anymore because you have been planning it for the longest time. Now you can start shopping online for new furniture. You can also start pinning wedding ideas on Pinterest.

You can even start digging up the baby names you listed down on your old journal in high school because you might have a use for them now. Things will be revealed to you at the right time. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate. Stay happy and keep adding milestones to your life to keep you motivated and inspired. The key days in June, as far as Capricorn love horoscope is concerned, are June 11 th , June 14 th , and June 29 th , It will be a joyride when it comes to love, filled with ups and downs, dips and lows, and smooth and bumpy roads.

However, all these make the ride more exciting. Without them, it will just be a quiet and boring ride from start to finish. Be grateful for the rough spots, the lows, and the downs. Be glad that the bus breaks down every now and then, because that teaches you how to fix the engine and get it running again. You can take the journey alone, but that can get lonely. Or you can take the journey with the person you love and make the journey a lot enjoyable and interesting. The key days in July, as far as Capricorn love horoscope is concerned, are July 5 th , July 15 th , and July 25 th , You will be taking a practical approach on love and relationship problems.

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You will be able to look at an issue as objectively as possible. As a result, you will be able to dish out advice that makes the most sense. You are emotional by nature. To objectively resolve your relationship issues, removing your emotions from the equation will take some getting used to. It will be tough. But if you want the best solution, you need to approach the problem like someone from the outside.

Decan 1 Capricorn Horoscope October 12222

You know how you can give such great relationship advice to a friend but cannot do the same for yourself? Your emotions are stopping you from doing the right thing for a given situation. The key days in August, as far as Capricorn love horoscope is concerned, are August 7 th , August 18 th , and August 25 th , You will also be more responsive and more game for anything. These are good signs because you finally feel comfortable and relaxed with your partner.

You can trust your partner with your life, and you can now make your feelings manifest in your own unique ways.


You finally understand what their love language is, and they know yours. You both know what things make you happy, what things can hurt or annoy you, and what things can cause a problem between the two of you. You have finally established a rhythm that works for the both of you, and now you can start to let loose and be comfortable with your feelings.

You will no longer feel the need to hide inside the bathroom to cry in private. When you feel a surge of emotion, you will not hesitate to tell your partner.

Key Dates:

The key days in September, as far as Capricorn love horoscope is concerned, are September 14 th , September 26 th , and September 27 th , The month of October foretells that there will be an increased stability and reliability in your romantic relationship. This increased sense of stability bodes well for you and the relationship because you will only get stronger and more secure from here on out.

There will be challenges and problems along the way, but your relationship is like a rock that will remain standing against the harsh elements. Count yourself blessed to have something like this in your life. You are ready to weather the worst storms together, and you can expect to get out of them tougher than ever. So many couples give up too early in the game. Keep this in mind the next time you feel like giving up. The key days in October, as far as Capricorn love horoscope is concerned, are October 1 st , October 8 th , and October 11 th , This is the time that you have been waiting to arrive.

You can rest assured that no drama will unfold or tears that will be shed. From now on it, it will just be peace, quiet, and contentment. This is also the best time to forgive and forget so that you can truly walk away from that place of hurt. This is something that will take a lot of strength and willpower on your part.

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Now that you have found peace again, you will do everything that you can to keep it in your life forever. You will devote all your energy to live in peace for as long as you can. The key days in November, as far as Capricorn love horoscope is concerned, are November 2 nd , November 15 th , and November 28 th , Maybe because you want time to slow down a little so you can savor the best moments of your life over and over. You will spend quiet nights with your family and just enjoy the warm and familiar feeling you get every time you are together.

You will spend time with your partner and share your highs and the lows, and then plan to have more highs and fewer lows in the new year.

Capricorn October 12222 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career

It will be a magical, quiet, and intimate time, and you will look forward to having more of this in the coming months. The key days in December, as far as Capricorn love horoscope is concerned, are December 12 th , December 16 th , and December 31 st , As a Capricorn, you are ruled by traditions, commitment, and responsibilities. You may also be often thought as sober and serious people. When it comes to marriage and relationships, you know how to create a strong and stable environment for the people you love.

With Saturn in your relationship sector since June you are already getting some idea of any pressure coming in from other people. Saturn in this position tests the strength of any relationship and some have already ended. This cycle is not all doom and gloom though, as it can bring in a more suitable relationship from early in the year that grows from March. April and October can be the most testing in how well you relate to other people.

August and early September can be a time for some harmony within this whole area.

Your October Monthly Horoscope

Opportunities certainly exist in this area for a new job to begin anytime from 6 January to early February. Many of you will work steadily from this earlier time. For those studying or learning a new job, be aware that from late September your effort will be recognized and help you to improve your position. Some may find relocating to a new area later in the year proves successful. You may be more concerned about the health of someone close to you than your own this year.

One area that may need checking is the type of food you and especially your close family eat. If problems occur they are likely to be related to a stomach ailment, with dairy and fat products the possible culprit. Quite often any health problem this year will have its origins back in time, and may not be new — this is a good year for finding some alternative method. Any Questions? Certified astrologers online! You should get some relief from that soon. So, what am I saying? Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! This month may start out a little rocky, especially for those of you born near the cusp of Sagittarius.

Are you ready to dump everything you hold dear just for some material success or social gain? I can bet my sweet what? The rest of you may have problems of a more transient nature. Sounds pretty uncomfortable! Things are still going great with you and you should have the luck of the Irish at the beginning of the month.

I know how much you like to stick to the traditional way of doing things, but later on it might be a good thing for you to try something a little strange. Just kick back and let some new ideas seep into your mind no matter how repugnant that concept may seem to you. In your case, however, it could get kind of confusing.

Your job may be demanding a lot of your time and attention. It may not make everybody happy, but so what? Happy Easter! This would be a fabulous time to plan a party or picnic. So, stick your wieners in some buns and freak out! June is busting out all over, and so are you—with good fortune, that is. It may even seem to you that circumstances bend to your will and you may start feeling that you can do no wrong.

Capricorn October 12222 horoscope: What does your star sign forecast say this month?

At this point, you can probably get away with it! You could come up against a lot of opposition for the first part of this month, especially if you also have Capricorn rising. You can either take these conflicts personally or you can turn that frown upside-down and see it as a learning experience.

Yeah, right! Sagittarius cuspers may meet a man or teacher around mid month who will help you achieve your goals. But that would take all the fun out of it.

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Some of you will still have some interesting opportunities coming your way. You may meet a man or a teacher who can help you reach your objectives—again. Some of you will have a couple of days toward the end of the month when your panties could get twisted all in a knot. Sagittarius cuspers will probably still be moving ahead with their goals, with a little help from unexpected sources. A lot of you will be enjoying a streak of good luck, at least for the first week or two of the month.

But those of you born near the cusp of Aquarius will probably feel like your cosmic conduit to success is clogged up tighter than a public toilet. Even though things might seem difficult now, this could be a turning point, a chance to learn and grow—or not! Things are kind of sucky, especially early in the month for those born near the cusp of Aquarius and later in the month if you were born closer to the cusp of Sagittarius. Everyone should expect some sort of drama throughout the month.