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Griffin, Linda W. USA drug and alcohol counselor; tarot. Gross, Jim USA an inventor and an astrologer. Gucciardo, Francoise Phone: Address: P. Guerrerp, Wuilber B. Birth: Phone: Email: wbguerrero gmail. Guevara, Dr. Gonzalo Birth: Email: astrologo hotmail. Specialize in Stone, Future interpretation, causes, solutions and remedies. Feel free to contact me any time. Hagan, Norma R. But E-mail is fine or leave a message on my voice mail and I'll be right with you! Offering private counselling by phone and printed astrological chart services by mail. Halloran, John Birth: 19??. Tarot readings also available.

Please send an email for more information. Hammond, Lydia Phone: Email: Wholisticlivingroom yahoo. Hanawalt, Robert S. Phone: Address: Wisconsin Ave. Hand, Robert S. Handin, Patricia C. USA Child Development. Hanus, Patricia M. Harbuba, Patrick I. Phone: Address: Lindley Av. We do readings via the Internet, phone, and face to face.

Sara's an ex-school teacher, and I retired as a scientist with the US Government. Send email or call for more information. Reasonable rates. Hartley, Gerald G. Hartley, Tamra Birth: Phone: Email: tchpeace megalink. Hartman, Veronica G. Harvey, Axel Phone: Email: ax hirsig. Astrols, President AA Astrol. Assoc ; Urania Trust; Astrological Journal.

Harvey, Yvonne Phone: Email: creativeladyplus yahoo. Specializing in Childrens charts. PO Box S. Location, Mars and Jupiter returns, progressions, transits, relationships. Hawkins, John R. Address: N. Hawks, Wendy C. Phone: Address: North Marine Dr. Hawthorne, Linda USA. A quarterly magazine for astrologers. Hebel, Doris A. Several Books. Taught advanced ast. Helton, Sandra Phone: Provide Matrix reports via email. Personal readings available. References upon request. Herbort, Nicola Birth: Herskovitz, Margie Phone: Fax: Email: margieherskovitz comcast.

On-line desde Nov www.

Hidveghy, Agnes Birth: Languages: German, English and Hungarian. Appointments on request. Web site: www. Hill, Judith A. D; nutrrition, iridology, psychology, metaphysics; former model; holistic health practice sinse Hoecker, William R. Hoffman, Bennett Gyanarthi Address: P. Astrological Counselling, Instruction Transpersonal Psychology. Holton, L. Hope, Kat Phone: Email: contact preciousresources. Details - preciousresource. Thank You.

Horton, Susan D. Horvers, Angela Birth: april 9 Phone: Email: yoyow hccnet. Houck, Richard A. Is a national Astr. Howell, Alice O. Author 2 books on Jungian astrology. Psychologically oriented and analitical ast. Hoy, Elaine H. Huggett, Ellen Birth: Dec. Hughes, Sandy Birth: Jan. More info: www. Hugnes, Irene F. USA radio; Psychic Astrology Predictions magazine; weather forecast; lecturer aand media personality.

Hunter, M.

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Astrology consultation, Chiron, personal mythology, astro. Donegal, Eire. ISAR Inter. Society for Astrological Research Address: P. Ishikawa H. Jackson-McDoewll, Eveleen M. Birth: Phone: Email: mysticminds msn. Assisted Tony Waterfall each week for several months back then.

All work channelled and produced on CD.

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Thanks to Michael E. I have been using your software over 20 years, and my clients have shown me truth. Accurate software IS most important to give correct information. Jacobs, Jayj Phone: Address: 44th Ave. Jacobsson, Anders P. Phone: 46 Address: Tj? Position of Rahu Ketu are also changed.

Thus every horoscope is wrongly drafted. Write for more details. Many books. Specializes in life reviews for the elderly and spiritual astrology. Has written articles. Small business consulting, intrapersonal transformation. Jamie S. Janet L. Houghton Lake Dr. Transpersonal Psychology, Professional Life Coach. For more information visit www. Jawer, Jeff Birth: Phone: Email: jjawer stariq.

Jay Narain Sharma Phone: 9. Jefferson, Sousa Joy Phone: 03 Email: planit. Jeffries, Ingrid Phone: Email: ingridjeffries yahoo. Jeniel Phone: Fax: Email: jeniel comcast. Jenkins, Palden Address: P. Jetter, Laurie Twilight M. Phone: 1- Email: laurietwilight yahoo. Johansson, Anders B. Computer progr. John Somoza Phone: Email: horaryreview verizon. Joli Campbell Email: mtnhuny yahoo. My sp. The accurecy is must from my side. In addidion, I am coaching astrology in institution. Joy Archer Phone: Email: joyarcher3 juno. Foxx Dr. Judd, Bette D. Natal, progressed and transits, returns, horary, synastry.

Jumaani, Jhernna S.

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Email: buzz. Jumaani, Sanjay B. Kahl, Jamie Phone: Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person's choices. Provides full range of astrological services. Kathy Rose Email: roseastrology yahoo. Kazemi, Kaye Phone: Address: 15 W. Keenon, Alicia Phone: Email: aliciak ibm.

She specializes in evolutionary development and relationships. He believe his experience as a life coach and NLP master practitioner adds value to his astrological readings because clients feel empowered rather than a victim exposed to a series of random events or situations. Websit www. Author of "The Fundamentals of Astrology" workbook. In depth bitth chart analysis, counsel. Kemp, Willian, V. Kenyon, Virginia L. Phone: Email: vkenyon comcast. Birth: Phone: Email: vkenyon11 yahoo. Ker, Michael B. Kerry, Jillian M.

Currently studying for the Level 2 Certification. Also, twice certified professional life coach. Please, visit www. Relocational Astrology. Deep Space Astrology. Asteroids and Goddess Astrology. Published in Llewellyn's Sun Sign Book. Kevin D. This work can be purchased, in hard copy, or e-book format, from Raphael's website. Khoschen- Klein, Isreal M. Birth: Phone: Fax: Email: monius. Kiley, Shirle USA Acrophonology, the study of the meaning of the letters in one's names; computer software; correspondence course.

Ebertin; international lecturer. King, Kyra C. I have experience with holistic health therapy and can refer clients to the best local holistic healers and doctors. Kinsman, Warren D. Phone: Address: 36th St. Kirleis, Kathryn A. Kiss, E. Klamkin, Miriam Phone: Email: miriam nightvisionastrology. Klushka, Edward J.

Phone: Address: Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati,, OH , USA psychics and psychology; 20 year in practice; author of "Astrological Megatrends"; natal, relationships, locality, business, horary. Knauer, Alice A. Knight, Sharon M. Phone: 00 44 Email: batshall aol. Knox-Carr, Wendy J. Gender futurist, planetary myth systems, counseling. Steiner College. Kopet, Shirley M. USA taught graphology 15 years.

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Algunoor H. Kramer, Arlene A. Phone: Address: Victory Blvd. Krantz, Florence B. Box , Wycombe, PA. Professional MemberA. Practicing since Worked with Donna Cunningham in establishing the "Astrologer's Memorial" website. Krishnan, R.

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P , India Horoscope,a complete study including stone recommendation,numerlogy,tarot card readings,vedic astrology,vaastu. Speciality : Solution for any type of problem. Krofel, Barbara J. This is a highly effective and unique system devised by Ashok Kumar. This system uses a combination of Astrology, Vastu, and Numerology to solve your problems in a very sure and effective way. Kumar, Dr. Rakesh Phone: Email: ishwarcenter gmail. Lamb, Theresa H. Lamb, William Phone: Email: zodiac bellsouth. Lane, Sheryl Phone: Email: brighteyesiam yahoo.

Langdon, Terrance L. Lapietra, Mercedes Phone: Email: info. Huron St. Lavelle, Michelle A. Software"; horary astrologer. Life member of NCGR. Writes the Monthly Ast. Forecast in the Northern Illinois Chapret Newsletter. Layman, Marvin V. Leaman, Linda J. Natal, transit, synastry and composite charts. Leclerc, F. Phone: Email: admin astro-pro. Your natat chart or previsions on audio tapes by regular mail 25 years of experience. Joseph also teaches A Course in Miracles and uses the principle of Atonement in his work. In his free time, he enjoys herbology, extreme sports and meditation.

Joseph is a masterful artist trained in both Classical and Evolutionary Astrology. Soul-Level Guidance. Lee, Janet B. Lehman, J. Lee Phone: Email: lee leelehman. Toe River Rd. Leinbach, Ester V. Lenard, Kathy Email: km aol. She has Reh Dair. Kathy Collected clear glass rose color dishes and kitchen ware. She did a reading for my wife after I did some painting in her house. I have tried to find her for a long time. Kathy means very, very much to my wife and I and if she can talk to us please tell her I'm at phone Thanks, Ken and Suzanne Miller.

Lennon, Deanna Phone: Fax: Email: roger cybertours. Lentz, Nancy E. Box , Eugene, OR Psychologically oriented consultations, current cycles, business, family and relatio. Thanks for listing me. Dublin, Ireland. Author of "Crossing the Threshold - the Astrology of Dreaming". Littlejohn, Frances J. Livne, Yaron Birth: Llewellyn, Dick Phone: Address: P.

English Huber School of Astr. Counselling Astrological-Psychology Institute. Lovatt, Sean Address: 34 Cowl St. Luke, Keith D. Lundquist, Judy Phone: Address: W. Lynn Staudacher Phone: Email: Lynn paths2awareness. Compatability and Birth charts make great gifts for Weddings and Birthdays. Maass, Dorothy B. MacAllister, Ian Phone: Email: ian ianmacallister. Macek, Kenneth W. Horary, Solar returns, transits and progressions. Also the proud owner of Friends and Lovers. Madam Kighal Phone: Email: madamkighal gmail. Spritual reader and Therapist.

Let's use the stars, cards and above all love to enter into the Spiritual World. Write to madamkighal gmail. Madey, Jane USA radio and TV personality in Ohio; psychic-astrologer; reads tarot cards, performs regressions, interprets dreams; balanced using gems. Maertens, Chantilly Phone: Email: astro astromatrix. Maharaj, Jai Email: jai mantra. Over 40 years of experience. Mahdak, Julie F. Health, horary, rectification, prediction. Mahgoub, Sarwat Birth: Email: thastro link. Maiolino, Rev. Vast knowledge and experience, with over 30 years in practice in Philadelphia and New York City.

Malhotra, Dr. Mann, A. Manoranjan A. Mantley, Clay F. Mantovani, Elisabeth Phone: 39 Email: elisabeth larosenoire. Zoccoli , Modena, Italy. This is a personal, private forecast, in person or by phone. Please call or email for free first forecast. Have your birthdate, time of birth as closely as you know it , and place of birth hand. Ask me your specific questions about your own future, and tell me your current status married, work, etc. Marcelina Phone: Email: marcelina marcelinaww.

March, Marion D. Is a frequent contributor of articles to professional publications. Maria, Satova Birth: 3. Marie Helena Cisneros Phone: Email: popess yahoo. I also do Celtic Astrology and have developed a new form of this. Mario F. Centro Astrologico de Salta, Salta, , Argentina. Box , NY, NY I have appeared on television programs in CT and Long Island.

Vignette, Carol Moore, a weekly television program. Also, beyond the unexplained with Janet Russell. Marks, Robert J. Phone: Email: astrolbob yahoo. Specializes in psychotherapy. Specializes in natal, transits and progressions. Natal, compatibility and horary. Martin, Hugh B. Martin Company. Martin, Linda Phone: Address: P.

Specializing in humanistic , spiritual, karmatic, predictive astrology, and relationship charts. By appointment only. Martin, Vivian B. Is the author of "Astrocycles: How to Make Mary Anna Abuzahra Phone: Email: maryanna mazahra. Is an authorized dealer of Astrolabe sof. Mathur, DS Email: mathurastro yahoo. State St. Maurantonio, Rosemary Phone: Address: N.

May, Barbara Phone: Address: N. Natal, helio, horary and mundane. Maya, Su Phone: Email: Su juno. Mayers, Jeffrey L. We specialize in relationships, business astrology, progressions, life path progress, and symbols. Natal, forecasting, synastry and composite. McCarthy, Laura N. Phone: Address: Grove St. Natal, transits, abstract astrology art. McClough, Whitney L. Birth: Feb. Plan your life and future with an Astrological consult.

Understand the cycles of your life, and what they mean. Learn to take advantage of life's cycles to better and enrich your life! Blessings, Whitney. McCutcheon, Capel N. Is the founder of Astrological Socie. McDevitt, Theresa H. McEvoy, Frances C. Phone: Address: Common St. McRae, Chris Phone: Email: cmcrae interbaun. Contain high level astrological articles written by renowned astrologers from all over the World about psychological, predictive, medical, mundane, Hindu astrology, synastry, and much more.

Authors, subscribers, bokshops and resellers are welcome. Publisher and Editor: Jorge Mele. Megert, Rudolf Birth: Email: rmworldwide hotmail. Mehdiratta, Sonia Birth: Mehlhop, Frank Birth: Is the author of "Elemental Voids: More then Meets Meister, Margaret Address: Evergreen St. Mele, Jorge Birth: Phone: 54 11 Email: mediumcoeli fibertel. An astrological magazine published in Spanish for students, astrologers and all people interested in the study of astrology. Contain high level astrological articles written by renowned astrologers from all over the World about psychological, predictive, medical, mundane, Hindu astrology, synastry, and more.

Gayatri Devi Vasudev. View Testimonial. Kanippayyur Namboodiripad. Balakrishna Warrier. Pandit Kaliyur Narayanan. Kanipayoor Makan Krishnan Namboothiri. Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. Sri Parasara Astro Centre for Education. Prabhakar Kashyap. Mahadeva Iyer. Puthcha Srinivasa Rao. P Namboothiri. Hari Menon. Gangadharan Nambiar.

V Sethumadhava Warrier. Samghummugham Devidasan. E Radhakrishna Menon. Pandit Prabhakar Vaidya. Our Corporate Clients. Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt. All rights reserved. To remind this fact, we keep the bitter gourd. To signify the fact that we must be useful by all means to this world, we keep ripe bananas as we all use almost all the parts of a banana plant. At times, we meet certain people who do not treat us well or use harsh words against us.

We should remember them as people with good heart, signified by the Coconut which has a sweet and soft interior but is rough on the outside. Similarly, Jackfruit.

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Sweet and sour grapes tell us the story of life which tends to have ups and downs. The very first sight is that of our own face in the mirror which signifies that for all our future endeavours, we are solely responsible—this is called Vishu Kani. To start the day with joy and happiness throughout the year, the elders give Kani Pon master of day-to-day life in present scenario as blessings to the younger ones.

In India, till date, in Guruvayurappan and Ayyappan temples all devotees visiting the temple on this day early morning are given Kani Pon by the temple priest. To his surprise, the caterpillar died immediately. Narada obeyed the words of the Lord, and went to the Earth, i. Shocked and filled with grief, Narada went to Lord Vishnu and told him about it. The Lord then asked him to say the same words into the ear of a bird in a bush.

Narada again went down to the Earth and did as he was told. The bird died once the words were said into its ears. Narada went back to the Lord and told him about the fate of the bird. Next, the Lord asked him to say the words into the ears of a doe playing in a garden. Narada, being an ardent devotee, did as he was told. The doe died as well. Next, he was told to say the words into the ear of a newborn calf. And the same thing happened to little calf.

Filled with remorse and guilt of bringing on the death of innocent lives, Narada went back to Vaikuntam to the Lord and asked him the reason behind these deaths. In response to his question, Lord Vishnu asked Narada to go to the palace of the King of Kaasi, where a crown prince was born after several. Narada reluctantly proceeded to Kaasi.

On his arrival, the King welcomed him with the Poorna Kumbham, and shared the wonderful news of the birth of the prince with Narada. Narada asked to see the new born alone, to which the King gladly agreed. Narada, now alone with the baby, was pondering over the fate of the baby, once he chanted the words into his ears.

He was concerned about the King, as he was blessed with the baby after many years. To his astonishment, the baby instantly sat up in the cradle and started talking! The baby stated that Narada was his Guru, as he was the cause for his soul, Atma, to get the form of a human, the Manushya Janma. Narada, perplexed at that statement, asked for clarification. Immediately, I left the body and got a better form as a bird. Again, you came and said the same words in my ear, and I got an even better form, as a doe.

Then, as a calf, and then finally a human being, which is the most blessed. The soul, Atma, can get a human form only by performing a lot of good deeds, Punya Karma, in the previous births. Therefore, we should use our human form to do only good and no evil. By chanting the names of the Lord and enabling an Atma to attain a better form, we are doing a good deed.

Another thing we learn from this story is that it is always good to recite the slokas loudly, so that the vibrations can reach other forms of life as well. Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu. After my marriage with Tilak K. In , our family moved to Chennai and stayed there until when our only daughter left for higher studies in the US. Currently we are based in Doha. I am very interested in the rich Indian culture, religious practices and attending discourses. I also like playing veena, singing, designing clothes and sewing.

But he wanted to flaunt his affluence by celebrating religious ceremonies in the noisiest of ways with the least expenditure. On one such occasion, our Rama Iyer was the victim of such an insult as mentioned above, and this was all the more insulting to our hero because the grihastha.

The grama vadhyar who was present in the house and preparing the days schedule for the sraaddham and the VIP pattar were. The duo, the VIP pattar and the gramam vadhyar were flabbergasted for a moment. Wrong news had been spread. Ho wever the fact remained that there was a sraadhdham and there was Abhishravanam also. And the scholars who have come were all very learned, and at least to save his face the VIP pattar could not deny the. Sambandam: High caste people like pattars and namboodiris having marital or extra marital relationships with ladies of not so low caste the ladies will be usually nairs or ambalavasis.

Grama Vadhyar: In good old days a vadhyar was assigned the charge of conducting the religious ceremonies of a whole agraharam. He was almost a family member to all. Kaakka Raman had taken revenge for his disgrace. About the author:. The culture and divine nature of our country is more dear to me than my own life I had formal education in Sanskrit, and some parts of Vedas and can use Malayalam, Tamil and a little Telugu in addition to English and Hindi.

Posted as joint Commissioner in Incometax at Trivandrum, an upper middle manager in the service of India. Mahatma Gandhi did not make history but it was history which made Gandhiji. It was Jamsetji Tata, a man of vision and creative ideas, who created history. One must note that it is easy to repeat history but it is difficult to create it. Wash the affected area face or any part of the body with cold water.

Reduce spicy foods as much as possible. Avoid pickle completely. With chapathis, you can mix thick curd to the mix. During the day, try to have atleast 2 tender coconuts apart from drinking a minimum of 10 — 12 glasses of water. So why was Shiva the Adi Guru?

Why not Vishnu or Bramha the creator himself? Shiva was the first to expound this in his tantras and that is one of the reasons why he is regarded as the guru in dance. To get an answer to that question, we need to understand the philosophy of dance. Shiva is the Adiguru in agamas which are also known as Tantras. There are 64 tantras for which he is the author. These are in the form of a dialog between Parvathi and Shiva. Tantra have been the base philosophy from where Indian dance got its first form.

Dance is a way of communication to this universe. It is proved by the mudras it uses. Mudra in tantra as well as dance is used to communicate a particular idea to the audience. In the sadhanas in tantra, it is used to communicate to the devata whereas in dance, it can be used to communicate to the audience or to the whole. Mudra is a contribution of tantra to the world. What we see outside and perceive by our 5 senses is matter.

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We also see that we use different forms of matter like flowers or food as offerings to a particular deity. Now this is an external process but the same can be done using mudras. In the scriptures it is held more powerful and beneficial than external forms of offerings.

Mudra uses certain postures of hands to communicate to the deity. This whole universe is filled with dance. Dances exist in the form of vibration even in atoms. These are further constituted by a class of particles called Quarks. Again, as per the latest development in physics, String Theory, the basic element of the matter is in the shape of a string.

It is nothing but vibrating energy and this actually is that form of dance at the sub atomic levels. Now from where did matter originate? Physics tells us that it originated from energy. So where did energy originate from?

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  • This is a question that has haunted the scientific community for a long time and in a recent interview, Stephen Hawkings, regarded as the greatest in this field currently in the scientific circles, stated that it is quite possible that energy may have originated from consciousness. We in India call that consciousness as Shiva. Philosophy of Indian Classical Dance whole universe is a manifestation of Shiva.

    Shiva exists in this universe in the form of dance and that is why when he does the thandava the whole universe proceeds towards its essential and final destruction which is nothing but a preparatory phase for the next creation. The basic philosophy of dance was captured from the universe's existence by our rishis and they developed the Indian classical dance.

    Today it has degenerated itself to an external art form in which the basic participants forget the whole philosophy of it. It is in this period that understanding the basic philosophy and evolution of Indian classical dance becomes a basic necessity. Unfortunately, most people now consider it as a mere form of entertainment. This is detrimental to the whole development of Indian classical dance. If we understand the basic philosophies of dance and put that into prac-. When we dance we can see the whole universe in the thandava state.

    Reaching that level should be the goal of a person who is venturing to learn Indian classical dance, anything else is. You can reach fame, money, and every other material things but the same is reached by a business man also just that he is called as a business man and you are called as a dancer.

    So what is the difference between the two? This would be the result of learning any art form without understanding the basic philosophy behind it. Dance and all other art forms were developed in India with a reason that went beyond the entertainment value associated with these currently.

    They were developed to enable each individual soul to reach the supreme consciousness. Let that supreme Sadashivan help us all in reaching the pure form of dance which is the basic existence of this whole universe. I am presently working in Jamcracker Technologies in Bangalore. I practicing psychology and also Sri Vidya upasana in dakshina marga. My hobbies include writing and reading; I also engage myself in intellectual debates in various topics including vedanta, agama, bhagavad gita, political science, metaphysical science etc. We need to confirm that you know Mathur Sesha Iyer in order for you to be friends on Facebook.

    But our senior citizens are left no strangers too. If you thought Mathur Sesha Iyer Ranganathan was my old college mate or neighbour, you got it wrong. It was my sixty plus father-in-law sending me a friend request in Facebook. Ours is an elephant family with endless number of cousins, uncles and auntThe advent of e-social net- ies. Everyone met just on devasham or some kalworking sites has of course conjured the youth yanam…until a family networking site said hi to in its web magic. But our us. The site could help us senior citizens are left no strangers too.

    As more meets each other everyday on our desktops. I was and more parents take surprised to see the active shelter in video chatting participation from elders platforms like Skype and. Sharing photos, events or interesting links has never been easier. The other day, I was raking my head over choosing a name for my child.

    Gone is the age when paatis referred Sahasranaamams for names.